Restoring a 1986 Chevy Celebrity

I am having a hard time finding trim like rubber window seals and windshield rubbers for this car. Any ideas? J C Whitney is out. Items not in stock. Heelp!!!

You’re not going to find anyone who sells restoration parts for this vehicle. It’s not collectable and was considered disposable.


You will probably have to get some kind of do-it-yourself kit and trim your own to fit.

Chevy Celebrity? Parts should be plentiful in any junkyard. Same vehicle as a Pontiac 6000, Olds Ciera, Buick Century. Happy hunting.

You may have a hard time finding much along these lines since most of these cars have been used up and crushed. Your best bet will be either a universal kit or to contact a glass company like Safelite for window seals and gaskets. They may know how to get stuff like this.