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Help restoring a 1986 Chev Celeb St'wagon

I’m restoring a 1986 chev celebrity. where can I find the rubber window trim inexpensively? Chev dealer wants $50. per piece!!

I did not look for the Celeb window trim but this company has tons of restoration stuff for all kinds of vehicles normally at reasonable prices:

Others may have better suggestions for suppliers. I just used to use them when I had an old pick-up truck.

Go to a Chevy car show . . they will soon start for the Spring. The vendors at those shows (especially brand specific, like a Chevy show) have EVERYTHING! You can usually get good prices, too. The mega car-show place in my area is Carlilse, Pennsylvania. I expect to go to the Chevy show if you would like me to pick up some business cards or website info, let me know. Good luck and have fun! Rocketman