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Fixing up my mustang


Im trying to fix up a 98 mustang and I need help on figuring out if there are any other cars close enough to its parts that I could possibly get parts from. Im a college student and trying to fix it on a budget so brand new parts are a little expensive for my pocket book at the moment. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Not knowing what parts you need makes this impossible to answer . And used parts are a gamble and the fact that your don’t have much money sort of makes this not a good idea.
It would help the mechanics here if you could define what you mean by fix up - does this thing even run.

Salvage yards ( junkyard, auto-recycler, what ever you wish to call them) May have cross references for compatibility.
But DO NOT go cheap for critical items.
Before starting your project have someone knowledgeable look the car over. There might be problems with suspension, sub frame or other areas that may make your project impractical.
Having said that, I wish you luck.

Really good point. They also might give this person a realistic idea of how expensive this could be. It seems many people show up here and think that something like this can be done for a few hundred dollars instead of thousands.

Is this a running/driving car and roughly what kind of parts are you talking about?

Yup, those Saturday morning car shows make everything look easy and do not mention the cost.
I watch a show about boats, called ShipShape, they do all sorts of repairs and restoration of boats-now there is a money pit.

1 Like is a goldmine for people patching up old cars. I redid the entire ignition system on my old truck for less than 20 bucks. I’d spend more than that just for the spark plugs at a regular auto parts store.

My seats need new motors and frames to sit on and i need a passenger window motor. Those are what im focussing on right now.

First the good news, it is a Mustang. Ford made LOTS of them and also tends to use a lot of parts across their entire line. If your car has a 4.6 V8, those engine were used everywhere. Also since the car is 20 years old, parts will be easy to find in a Pull-Your-Own parts type junkyard. Parts are easy to find.

The bad news is… ALL those parts in the Pull-Your-Own junkyard are ALSO 20 years old, and in a junk yard.

Agree that RockAuto is a good place to find parts for this car. Make sure you have another way to school or work because ordering parts over the interwebs takes 2-5 days when your car will be down.


Yes its running just need a new motor for my seats or the manual set up for them since the gears are grinding with whats on them right now. (Talked to a mechanic about it and he said he vould switch it if i could find the sets.)

Get the window motor and seat motors from rockauto

get the seat frame from a pick-a-part type of junkyard