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Don't know the name of this part

Hey guys,

Does anyone know the exact name of the part or OEM number? I’ve been looking it up under all kinds of names but I can’t find them online nor on Ebay. It’s a black hard plastic trim, when I bought the car the owner gave me those that fell off but the clips are broken.

Left rear window trim

Already tried that, also tried vent window trim but I can’t find the right piece :frowning:

Then go to your BMW dealer and have their parts guy look up the name and part number for you, check availability and price.

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Why do that and get your answer in minutes, when can go to a forum and maybe get an answer in days.


Not only is the OP wasting time they are in Europe some where and asking for help on a US based forum. I would assume any body shop ( now they are collision centers ) could have sourced the part in 20 minutes or less.

Actually I have asked several shops and collision centers and junkyards in the Netherlands and Belgium and none of them have them nor could help me also tried several BMW and E46 forums and no answer this is the only forum where people actually reply and I thought that there might be some people here that have E46’s and that they could help me so actually I’m not wasting my time

Here you can walk into a dealer’s parts department and they will pull up an exploded diagram of the door, with parts identified. Have you tried that?

If BMW no longer has a source, you may never find the piece. Only hope is a salvage yard, even then the clips might break when removing the trim piece.

True, so far I’ve tried pretty much everything even diagrams with numbers and explanations and so far nothing so I’m hoping I can just find an OEM number somewhere

No, you’re not. Don’t worry about that part.

However, since most of us are in the US, we can’t really give you a whole lot of advice on where to go in Europe to find your parts. You might have to find it at a junk yard.

Otherwise, if you can find someone with a 3d printer, you could print yourself the missing clips and plastic weld them to the trim. Another option would be to epoxy the trim to the door and let the adhesive do the job of the clips.

I know that you can’t give me locations but OEM Numbers or even links to online aftermarket pieces such as Ebay or Amazon are greatly appreciated. 3D printing will cost a fortune :sweat_smile:

They’re called window moulding clips.


Year and model # ?
Is this trim piece on the door or the body of the car.?
Manufactures can have odd names for their trim parts.
Toyota calls there interior trim panels “garnishes” for some reason.

It attaches on the body of the car.
BMW E46 2004

Does this look like the clip?

I’m actually looking for the trim piece not the clip but just to give you an idea, the trim piece is attached via clips so it’s not rubber it’s a hard plastic trim

Well i think I found it just trying to be sure.
If this is the clip it helps me identify the other part.
You car should also have a model number other than e46
Like 330i or 325. the site im looking at is asking for that number to continue my search.

It’s a 316i

They seam to be called just “Side Molding” left and right.
There are two styles. Schwarz and Glanzschwarz. I dont know the difference.
I think possibly Schwarz is flat black and the other is gloss black…
Schwarz: 51138208499
Glanschwarz: 51132695281
Clip: 51138204858
Found at