My badge fell off!

The Marquis word fell off the back of my car! How should I go about glueing it back on? Also, the front driver’s side window is difficult to roll up or down. It seems to be a bit off track. Is there a way to adjust it without damaging the original door panels? I’m new to owning and caring for a classic car; any useful care tips would be appreciated.

Get a tube of 3M Emblem Adhesive. About $15 at NAPA or other auto parts stores with body shop supplies. Its a contact adhesive so put some on, push in place, pull apart for about 10 seconds and put it back together again. Otherwise you can just go to a body shop and they will do it for a small charge and can look at the window at the same time.

Try a quality double sided tape for trim, Peel one side and stick to clean back of emblem. Cut around emblem at angle toward inside as close as possible. Use an exacto knife for inside cuts. CAREFULL. peel other side and stick. Adhesives are messy I’d try this first. Let it sit for a while and see if it is good if not mig welder. Try to remove panel. Should be easy. You can wrap a cloth around shaft of window crank and turn it. The cloth will grap retaining clip if you dont have tool. Clean and grease tracks and rollers should be good unless parts broken.

I hope you purchased a service manual for your classic Marquis (did you get the “de Sade” edition?)

If you have a manual, it should tell you exactly how to remove the door panels, without damage, and adjust or repair the window mechanism.

If you don’t have a manual I suggest you locate and purchase one ASAP. Even if you don’t plan to do any major mechanical work the manual will help you solve minor problems such as these at little or no cost. Otherwise you’ll be paying someone to fix every little thing that comes along.

A good source of inexpensive used owner’s manuals and service manuals is