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Window rolled down by itself and now won't roll back up again

Recently had a driver’s side window replaced in my 99 GMC Sierra. Also had the regulator and a door handle replaced as they were broken as well, but I knew this going in. Was informed I needed a new master switch and had them order/install.

Today I turned the key on and the window began rolling down on it’s own. I hit the switch to stop it, which it did, but only as long as I held the switch down. Now the window is all the way down and will not roll back up. Passenger side window works fine from either switch. Door locks work as well for whatever that’s worth.

Is there a fix I can perform myself, or am I stuck taking it back to the shop and hoping they installed a crummy part and replace it for free? Just spent $300 on this, don’t want to pay again for a part that failed a week later. :frowning:

Have you talked to shop that did the work?

Am expecting a call back from them sometime today.

Was hoping to be able to find something easy to fix it myself(reset battery, checked connections, etc…) without going back, hate to be without a vehicle for a whole day so they can do it again.

Hopefully they will repair for free. Don’t remember them having a warranty policy that I noticed, but a part lasting only a week seems like something they should take care of.

Of course they should fix it. There’s no question.

A reputable shop will standby their work and fix it for free.

They absolutely should fix it totally at their expense.

My wild guess is that the original source of your window problems might have been chafing or cracking of the insulation in the harness where it goes through the body reliefs (holes) between the door jam and the door and constantly gets flexed. The parts they replaced just may have been replaced unnecessarily, and now the real problem has snuck back into the picture. These type of wiring issues are very common in older vehicles. And yes, they can cause mysterious power window operations. Shorts to ground can cause all sorts of anomalies.

Concur w/TSM above, OP should look in the door jam area for any wiring going to the inside of the door. Notice any broken, missing, or cracked insulation? That’s a pretty common problem with doors equipped with with electric door locks and/or electric windows.

Likely defective switch or a pinched wire. The shop should cover this.