Power windows/door lock stopped working?

All of a sudden, none of my windows roll down and I can’t use the automatic door lock switch either. Went to autozone and bought a new fuse but, didn’t work. What’s the deaaaaal??

Well, we don’t know the make, model, model year, or odometer mileage of your vehicle, so in general my suggestions are:

If the vehicle is still under warranty, don’t bother trying to figure it out. Just take it to the dealer for free repairs.
If the vehicle is no longer under warranty–and especially if it is more than 8 years old–then the likely cause is broken wire(s) in the wiring bundle that runs from the door into the body, near the hinge on the driver’s door.

If you carefully slit the rubber boot surrounding the wiring bundle, you should be able to find which wire(s) is/are split.

Sorry, it’s a 1998 Nissan Maxima

Do any of the locks or windows work from other switches? If so it may be an issue with the master window switch. If everything is not working and the fuses are good check for power and ground at the master switch. If you have no power/ground as said above the most common issue would be the door wire as said above. If you do have power and ground at the switch it may be a bad switch.

Have you replaced the battery recently?

Today’s cars operate the windows, doors, etc. via a “body control module” (BCM). In many cases, if the battery is disconnected the power door locks, windows, and other functions need to be reprogrammed to operate. You might want to stop by the dealer and request of the parts guy the “initialization procedures” (at least that’s the term Toyota uses, don;t know about Nissan) for these functions. It may be in a procedure format or in a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) format. The dealer will definitely be familiar with them, as they need to run through the protocols when prepping the cars.

Look at the hinge area of the driver’s door. There’s has to be a wire harness that goes through that area, in order for the door and window switches to work with the rest of the car. It’s a fairly common thing for a wire or wires to break due to flexing as the door is opened and closed over the years. Often the break occurs in a difficult to find place, requiring the door panel or kick panel to be removed. But sometimes you get lucky and can find it straight away. Worth a shot anyway.

Check the new fuse, if it is blown ther is probably a short somewhere, usually the wiring between the door and the body is a good place to look.