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Window regulator problems

I have a 2006 f150 extended cab and the rear passenger window stopped rolling up one day. I ordered a replacement regulator and installed it. It still doesn’t work and I tested then switch in the door and it seems to be working still. The window itself does not seem to be caught on anything either. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Bypass the switch on that door and see if the motor is working.


Thanks for you help! I purchased the regulator with the motor attached and it would roll down just not up. Just can’t seem to figure this one out.

Power windows, right? Yosemite is right. You’ll have to determine if the power window motor is working or not. It could have easily been damaged and burned out if the old regulator mechanism was binding.

It might also be a good idea to visually compare the other side – the working side – to the side that isn’t working. One time on my Ford truck (with manual windows) a screw fell out on the driver’s side window mechansim and caused it to bind, but it was difficult to tell that was the problem until I removed the door panel from the other side and compared the two, then it was obvious what the difference was.

Does the window fail to go up with the driver’s switch and the back seat switch? If so, this makes a switch problem less likely.

Both the back door window switch and front driver’s side door switch must be working before you can rule out switches. Also, use a pair of jump wires to see if the motor works at all.

Keep in mind that with window switches the polarity changes depending upon whether it’s going up or down. One terminal will be + and the other - when it’s going up and vice-versa when going down.

Offhand, I’m leaning towards a faulty switch. The contacts in those things are very tiny for the load that is placed on them.

i dont know how ford does it but alot of time the switches are ran through each other so for example the main switch goes bad for the passenger side the passenger side switch cant control the motor either ill look at a wiring diagram on alldata when i get home

i put in 2wd 4.6L but they are probably the same heres the diagram. is it just the main switch that isnt working or both the main and back right switch

Thanks again for the help everyone.

The window is failing to go up with both the driver’s switch and the rear back switch. I moved the rear passenger switch (with the faulty window) to the rear driver side and it worked. So I’m thinking the switch is not the problem.

That switch. You also need to probe the wires out of the driver’s side window control. The driver’s side widow buttons are the master switch and the passenger side switch and rear switches are slaves. They are wired together and rely on each other to work. If the problem is in the master, swapping the slaves around will not fix it.

The master switch will control every window in the truck except the rear passenger. Is it possible for the switch to be bad for just the single window?


I will buy a new master switch tomorrow morning and see if that works. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Just because it could be the master switch doesn’t mean it is. Check continuity out of the master switch for the failed window. That switch is very expensive.

I went and bought a master switch, wasn’t too bad around $55 compared to the new regulator. Turns out it was the master switch that went bad. I feel dumb for not realizing that before but thanks everyone for your help y’all are awesome! Glad I’m learning more.

ah ok thats probably your problem then dont rule out wiring too even though its probably not with that new of a truck. also sometime you get a bad part even though thats not likely either