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2006 Chrysler Sebring Power Window broken

Rolled down my driver window at the drive-thru, and now it won’t roll back up again. Last week or so I’ve noticed when I roll it down there’s an odd little noise at the end, hard to describe. But now nothing happens, and of course the weather is getting bad, to say nothing of the safety/security angle. Any ideas what I should do?

Because you said you started hearing an odd little noise from the window may indicate that there’s a problem with the window regulator/motor.

If you’re not comfortable with removing the inner door panel, removing the window, and working inside the door, take the car to an independent mechanic and they can get the window working again.


Grab the window and see if you can help the motor get the window up. Otherwise you’ll have to take the door panel off to see what’s going on.

See this recent posting:

Well, I removed the door panel on the passenger side when I replaced the rear-view mirror, so I’ve got the tool and everything, just trying to figure out what i need to concentrate on. Also, forgot to mention that the other windows are working just fine, FWIW. If I can just get the window back up once that will do the trick, honestly. Is there any chance it might just be the switch? What’s a good way to figure out if it’s the regulator vs the motor?

Could be switch. Does the motor make any noise whatsoever? If you get it up with assistance, perhaps the motor is dying but not quite dead.

Did you check the fuse for this power window?

Not yet. Was working all day. But when I got out of work tonight, I found it would roll up again. So now I’ve got it back up at least, but I’m afraid to futz with it. Friend of mien says since it worked again it’s probably the regulator or a bad connection. That sound right?

Not sure how you ruled out a worn out motor that’s about to die. The regulator and motor come as one unit for $49.99 at,carcode,1432087,parttype,10217

This might be a good project to tackle in the near future. Replacing this at the dealer would be hundreds of dollars.

It sounds like the motor is dying but not quite dead yet.