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KIA Soul window gone rogue!

Wife’s garage kept 2011 KIA Soul’s driver’s window has gone rogue. It works fine for months then the window gets stuck open or closed. But then after several days it works again for months. All the other windows work fine.
I’m specifically referring to the master door panel switch.
Other switches work fine for all other windows on the main switch and at each door window.
2011 KIA Soul 4door low mileage. Southwest locale ie; no snow.
What do you think? Panel switch problem or relay or alien invasion?

The driver’s window switch and window motor are used the more than all the other windows usually, so I’m guessing something in that window has just plumb wore out. Either the switch or the motor most likely, but check the wiring where it goes through the driver’s door hinge area for signs of the insulation being scraped off or broken wires. The wiring for door locks and power windows is somewhat complicated, and it will require the door panel to be removed probably, so expect to pay a sizable labor fee to diagnose and repair this problem. Make sure to use a shop that specializes in Kias, or at least Asian cars so they have access to the wiring schematics. If you want to try it as a diy’er job, you’ll need to find the door lock and power window wiring schematics first.

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I checked that door wiring harness already and it is in great shape as I said the car has low mileage and is garage kept. I wiggled it while holding the switch up but nothing happened.
The mystery part is that most likely one day next week we’ll get in it, start it up and the window will work fine again until it decides not to work again.
Thanks for your reply :+1:

I have a lamp in my living room that does the same thing. The switch turns the lamp on and off fine one day, won’t work at all the next. The contacts have probably oxidized or corroded a little. Common thing to happen with electrical switches. I went to the hardware store to buy a new swtich, but they wanted $5.75. Too much for a simple lamp switch imo. So today I drilled out the rivets and took the old one apart to see what’s wrong … lol …