Car was fixed, but came home broke


I took my car to the Dealer(I know, I should probably have gone somewhere else). The problem when I took it in the first time was that the back right window was not going up or down at all. The rest of the windows were operable by the drivers controls, or the individual controls at each window.

The dealer fixed the back right window so it goes up and down now, but only when the driver moves it. None of the other windows will go up and down by themselves either, only remotely controlled by the drivers controls. At the same time I had them fix the back window, they also replaced a part in the drivers side panel where all the controls are for the windows. I brought the car back for them to fix this, thinking they must have just not connected something, and they said that I have a broken part, that is now going to cost me $190.00. I told them it wasn’t broken when I brought it in to be fixed the first time, so why is it broken now? I am crazy or what? They did say I would not be charged the diagnostic fee. Any suggestions?


Are you sure you don’t simply have the “child safety” button pushed? That would disable the power windows for all parties but the driver.


Good question, but don’t you think they would have checked that first? I did check that before bringing it back into the dealership, and the question is suppose to read car was fixed, not cat was fixed, sorry!


I figured the “t” should have been an “r”.

Perhaps what they need to replace for an additional $190 is the child safety switch? They may have replaced the right rear window regulator and fixed the RR door, but not corrected the other problem, which is in the driver’s door.


But, that doesn’t answer the question, that the other windows were working prior to taking the car in the first time, and this problem didn’t occur until after I picked up the car, I didn’t find out about it until I rode in the passenger seat and could not roll down the window on the front passenger side, when prior to taking the car in the first time, I was able to do that.
The first visit, they replaced a master power switch bezel labor and parts $71.52
and the rear right regulator for the window for $522.74
plus a disposal charge of 11.72.