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Window regulator/motor change for 2002 buick lesabre?

I’m thinking of buying a DORMAN Part #741761 100% NEW; Front Right; Power Window Regulator w/Motor for my front passenger window that won’t move. I wanted to know if this brand, dorman, is any good for replacement parts for my car; also, is there anywhere I can find installation instructions that i can print out or buy at a reasonable price? Finally, I know there are some parts that have to be replaced that won’t be included with the regulator/motor for the installation. Is there somewhere I can find out what they are, and what would be a good place to look to buy them? thanks!

Dorman is a respected aftermarket parts supplier who’s products exceed the original vehicle manufacturers specifications. They were the first ones that realized the problem with the plastic upper air intake plenums and EGR gasses on the GM V6 engines. And gave the option of either replacing it with the OEM’s problematic upper air intake plenum, or purchase a replacement part that addressed those problem areas.