2001 Buick Lesabre power windows



My folks left rear window won’t go back up. They hear the motor running to its up & down limit switches, however the window doesn’t move. There is no grinding or “load” on the motor.

Amazingly, when they cycled the right rear window to see how it worked and responded, it too would not go back up. The motor runs fine, but the window won’t go up.

Any suggestion? Why would the mechanical mechanisms both fail on the same day?


Coincidence. The window mechanisms are the same age. These window mechanisms use a cable-drive system. But, the pulleys wear out, and the cables slide off. Then, the windows drop, and will not go up. The entire mechanism will need to be replaced. Sorry for the bad news.


The good news is that it is an easy job to do. If the OP is up for it, we can talk him through it. I replaced all of the regulators (and motors) in my 1998 Regal in the last year. I’m sure that replacing them in a LeSabre is just as easy. I suggest replacing the motors at the same time. You can buy them as an assembly (motor/regulator) on line for around $70 each, delivered. Go for it, Derek. No special tools are required.