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Window regulater


Buy A Service Manual Or See If Your Library Has Manuals And Information.

Even backyard mechanics need repair manuals. Auto parts stores sell them. You’ll need it for other things if you plan to keep this car.


You know the degree of difficulity will depend on if this regulator is rivited in or held by small bolts. If its bolts it probably will be a breeze (detaching glass may make you scratch your head).Many GM products were using bolts by year model 2000. Big rivits was a GM thing for a long time though.

Used Window Regualators Are A Bit Of A Gamble.

However, taking one out of a car yourself at a take-it-off yourself salvage yard will let you know how difficult your’s will be. I like to practice “new to me” repairs on a junk car before I try it on mine. Some yards sell only complete doors and don’t want you taking parts off, but other yards will just send 2000 Buicks to the crusher and don’t have a problem with it. Most will guarantee the part.

I would get a price on a new one and check availability of used ones, then make sure I’ve properly diagnosed the problem before tearing into the regulator.


I’ll bet that it is a lot like my 1998 Regal. You pry up the plastic cover in the hand well of the armrest. Then remove the two screws; I believe you need a torx screwdriver for this. You can pry up the window switch if you like, but you don’t have to. Do this only if you don’t want the door panel hanging by the wires. If you do pry up the window switch, remove the wires from it. Next, pry the door panel off the door. There are no more screws holding it in place. After this, pull down the plastic covering the interior of the door. Don’t remove it, you can use the tar-like adhesive several times. )When you are done you will just put it back in place.) Now it is a simple matter to remove the regulator (4 bolts) and the motor (3 bolts). If you buy an aftermarket regulator/motor, beware that may of them are substandard products. I’ve only found one that I’d give a conditional approval to (I’ve only had it since January). OTOH, they only cost $70, versus $350 from Buick.