2000 Buick LeSabre - Window motor

How much for a window motor

I bet if you looked on the parts stores web sites you will find your answer .

On rockauto I see them anywhere from $20 for remanufactured to $133 new OEM

I assume you have made sure that the old motor is faulty and not just assuming it is the cause of the window not working. Most of the time window problems are due to broken wires in the door jam due to the stresses on them from the door movement.

Pretty common for the regulators to fail - there’s a steel cable on some rollers that slides the window up and down on a track. I can’t remember how all that is put together exactly. I had to change one regulator/cable/track assembly on my 2005 Lesabre. I’m not sure if a new motor came with the assembly or not, but it was pretty easy to change. In my case, the steel cable had come loose, then gotten wound up in some part of the mechanism where it wasn’t supposed to be. That got everything in a bind and made it seem like the motor wasn’t working, but it worked fine once the bind was released. I fiddled around with trying to get that cable back wherever it was supposed to go for an hour or two before just buying a new assembly. Something to check, anyway.