Buick LeSabre Power Window Occasionally Fails


I have a 2000 Buick LeSabre w/65,000 miles. Both of the driver’s side power windows–front and back went out at exactly the same time. The back window had actually made a grinding sound, had fallen off the track and had to be fixed right away.

My mechanic suggested replacing the regulator, which I did and while a little noisier than before, the back window works fine now. He was under the assumption that replacing that regulator/motor (both parts sold together) would fix the problem with both windows. It didn’t. I just get a “clicking” sound when I try to lower the driver’s window. Nothing else happens. Then occasionally, the window will work fine for a few days, only to stop working once again for another week or so at a time.

Mechanic suggests inspecting (for a fee) and replacing that regulator/motor as well. He says it’s just coincidence they burned out together. Just seems odd to me that BOTH regulators went out on the same day, same minute. Could it be anything else my mechanic isn’t considering? I’d hate to have to pay for yet another regulator/motor if there may be another option he could first check out.

Thanks for your response!


Denver, CO

Do not pay a fee for him to replace the regulator he already replaced. If the regulator he replaced failed it should be under warranty.

Thanks for responding.

My initial fee was to check out/replace the regualtor on the BACK window. Him replacing this did nothing for the front window which went out at the same time and is the one that works only occasionally. He thought it might help. It didn’t. Would prefer not to have the to replace the FRONT regulator as well as it seems weird they would both go out at the same time and the front one works occasionally.

You need a better mechanic if he thought that replacing the back regulator would have any effect on the front window.
It is likely that the front regulator needs to be replaced. I don’t know why you don’t think that it could fail at about the same time as the rear window. I would speculate that the odds are that you will soon need to replace the remaining two regulators for the right side windows. They’re all the same age.