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Buick LeSabre window regulator installation

Am I missing something here? I put a new front passenger door regulator in my Buick. It went down and up about five times. The last time it hit bottom, it sounded like it stripped its gears. It has an ?automatic? switch that’s supposed to stop it when it gets all the way down.

Is there anything in the door that I need to adjust, a stop or something that tells it when to quit trying to go down? If so, how do I adjust it before I spring for another new regulator?

Thanks for your help.

What year is this car? If it’s an older one, the regulator tape probably stripped out. This is a common problem on older GMs. The tape is not terribly difficult to install, easier than a regulator. I don’t think newer GMs use the tape, so this may not apply if this is a newer car.

Sorry Mark. It is an '03. It has a cable operated regulator. I may be able to get another one on warranty, but I need to be able to be able to make my case IF I didn’t mess up.

Are you sure the part was new? If so, was it Chinese? If so, you got what you paid for. The worm gear has slipped away from the main gear. You MAY be able to tighten the screws that hold the gear case together and see if that makes it work. I’ve seem them loosen up over time, but never brand new.

As to the original question, the stop mechanism is not adjustable. It’s within the regulator. I think it has to do with the resistance the unit encounters when the window hits bottom. In either case, they should exchange with you for a good one.


I have a 89 Buick Park Ave which I am replacing the regulator tape and regulator guide. Access to do this is very limited but it appears as though I just grab onto old regulator guide and pull it out of the window channel and track channel while presing the window down button to remove. The other half of the regulator tape is hanging down from above where it appears to be pressed onto a plastic piece with tabs that hold the tape in place. I assume it only requires prying tape off to remove.
To install the new regulator tape do you just feed it into the channel until it reaches the motor gear and the press the window up button until enough tape feeds through to reach the plastic piece at the top and press the tape down onto the tabs? After that do I then finish sliding the regulator guide into the window channel and thats pretty much it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 1998 Regal, and have replaced several regulator/motor assemblies. The only ones I found that last are from Direct Automotive Products ( The others give out quickly. You could buy one from GM, but they are about $350.