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Window problem

Everytime I close my front left window. I have to slowly raise it up inch by inch but short of all the way up, or it will goes back down halfway. I think maybe a bad sensor or electrical problem or bad window mechanism? My car is 2006 ALtima 4 cyl with less than 35,000 miles. Thanks for your help.

(Assuming it’s a power window…) When you’re closing the window, and it drops, does the motor keep running?

Sounds like the window regulator (the gearing that holds everything in place) has been damaged, and needs to be replaced.

Thanks chaissos.
It’s power, & the motor doesn’t run continuously, nor make any loud sound at all. When the window (glass) reaches the top, it automatically goes down halfway. My car is 2006 with less than 35,000 miles only. Should this be happening so soon? Warranty ended long time ago. Any idea how much to replace or fix it?

Does it drop halfway down or is the motor reversing and lowering it halfway down? Depending on your answer, it would be an electrical problem if it is being lowered down or a mechanical problem if it is just dropping down.