Windows won't stay closed! Help!



Hello! I have a 2002 Nissan Altima V6 with 40,00 miles

on it. My car was broken into and they ripped off the

driver side mirror and ruined the door handle. I was

told by the body shop that they took the wire harness.

When I first saw the car after it was broken into I

found my front 2 windows down. The windows will

sometimes roll up but then roll back down. This

happens when I shut off the motor or it can happen

even several minutes later-up to 20 minutes later. It

is as if the windows are possessed. The car has been

at the shop for 2 weeks and they tell me they cannot

diagnose the problem, although they have replaced the

wire harness and fixed the door handle. They say the

battery is drained and the driver door motor is

unusually hot. This shop, which is in Memphis, says

they cannot help me. A Nissan place in Suthaven

Mississippi looked at it today and the car supposedly

did not “act up” while they were looking at it, so

they say they cannot help me. I really need some

advice. I am paying for a rental out of pocket and I

can’t afford it anymore, plus it rains often here, as

you know. I must find a way to close the windows and

keep them shut. Advice is greatly appreciated:)


Well I guess you could put a switch on the circuit that powers the windows.

Have they replaced the switches that control the windows?


I don’t know if they replaced the window switches. I will ask and let you know. Thanks:)


No, they did not replace the switches. They say they looked fime.


My guess is that they damaged the window regulator assemblies. Limit switches in the assemblies should control the movements you’re describing, and they could have been damaged by someone using a jimmie-stick.


All power windows have an automatic reverse switch in them so if you shut the window on your neck in a twisted suicide attempt it will reverse. This is probably some sort of gizmo in the motor, and I suspect the jackass that jimmied your window broke it somehow in the process of forcing the window down or out. You could probe further, or you could have them replace it with a new motor.