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Power Windows Stuck All the way down

Today I went for lunch put my driver side window all the way down and its stuck. I’ve had issues with it before. It actually only goes up 98%. Its got stuck before. 2 other times but now its not looking good. I really don’t have any money in the bank to fix it currently.

I took some pliers to grab the glass and pull it as far as possible but it doesn’t go far. It just drops down again. Any help please. Suggestions? Thanks

Does the motor turn but not lift the window? Does the motor sound like it is straining? If the motor makes no noise, do your lights dim as if the motor is drawing power when you move the switch?

You will need to take apart the inner door panel to see the guts of the mechanism. You could need a motor, or the gears and linkages that connect the motor to the glass could be broken, worn, or covered with crud. You may also need to take the door panel of the passenger door off to see what a working window looks like.

The window regulator/motor assembly has probably broken. What usually happens with these regulators/motors is the cable breaks, the cable rollers break, or the cable gets twisted up in the motor. The only fix is to replace the window regulator/motor assembly.


If you want to wait to repair it and leave the window up all the time take the door panel off and see if you can do a temporary permanently closed fix. You may even see a part that is not where it is supposed to be.

The good news is you probably won’t need a motor (if your motor runs) or any major parts which are costly. I had this just recently happen to my Alero and it is an easy and inexpensive fix. Remove the door panel and you will probably see a broken hard plastic clip (the weakest part of the system - a stupid idea) which holds the window in place. Order a new clip from (about $10. incl shipping) and replace it. A couple of hrs work and you’ll be back in bizz. The longest part of the job is removing the old clip. The dealer will charge you @ $250. to fix it, though, if you want to go that route. But, a little patience and you can do it. BTW, I didn’t see a cable like automatic windows used to have - a good move by Olds if my observation is correct.