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Rav4 window issue

The driver’s side window on my '97 Rav4 has been struggling to close lately. No problems with the other windows. It seems to work fine in wet weather. This afternoon it went part way up and stopped. I was able to get it to close completely by activating the switch after waiting a few minutes. It took several cycles like this to get it completely closed. Any ideas as to the most likely cause?

More than likely the problem is with the motor/regulator assembly.

Since the drivers door window is used the most, that’s usually the motor/regulator that fails first.


Automotive Alzheimers. It’s old and worn out.

Three months ago I replaced the regulator and motor in my 08 Expedition with winter on the way. IT would not go all the way on one try in the COLD ! So you’re pulling away from the drive up window with snow or rain blowing in cuz the dang window won’t go up.
If I was stopped I could use the other hand to help lift it but otherwise it kept blowing the breaker over and over.
and yours is a 97 , so it’s time.

Last year I repaired the drivers side window on my protege, it was the same problem. and a few years ago repaired the window on my malibu…same problem…they just cant build things to last these days!

Anyway, contrary to the advice above, you should disassemble the window unit (when you are inside a nice warm garage), and put power to the motor (perhaps via alligator clips from the battery)…and see if the motor actually works…

chances are there is a ground wire that is burnt out…

The hardest part is disassembling the door panel…but shop manuals are widely available on the internet.

let us know how it goes

Agree that the motor is just getting worn out. It may work better when wet because the window track is being lubricated by the rain, reducing friction. Once you get the door panel off, and the new parts installed, look over the moving mechanisms and see if they have dried/caked up old grease. Wipe that off, and on metal to metal, use a sparing amount of Lubri-Plate (white lithium grease).

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New motor assembly did the trick!

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Glad to hear the solution to the problem!

Sure a new motor fixed it. I’ll bet the slides were lubed at the same time. I’ve been down this path before, and I think it’s very possible that the problem is lubrication, not mechanical failure.

Nobody lubes window guides anymore.

That just attracts dirt/dust to the guides causing the regulator to bind.


Funny, I just had a similar problem. The window goes down fine, but up, I have to keep hitting the switch as it only moves up 1-2 inches at a time.

Dealer fixed by “reprogrammed window”, whatever that means.

15 Forester

What vehicle?



The 15 Forester needs to know the position of the window relative to vehicle speed/interior temperature/if the AC is on or off/outside temperature, etc…

Just like VW’s

Remember when you could just crank a handle?


Strange. I really don’t see how those factors could change anything. The motor drives the window up or it drives it down.