Will mustang pony rims fit?

I have a 1981 ford Fairmont with factory 14’’ wheels and was thinking about putting 1993 mustang factory pony 16x7
rims. They both 4 lug. Don’t know the backspacing.Has any body done this kind of wheel swap on and older ford car.
also was looking at the 1991 ford 10 hole 15x7 rims that are on the mustang.Will these rims bolt right up or will I need a adapter? Thanks for any help

Here’s a tire/wheel calculator that allows you to determine what wheels fits what vehicle. http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp?action=submit Only you have to do the research.


Offhand, I don’t know the answer to your question but I would avoid if at all possible the use of adapters.
Slim (1/4" thick) wheel spacers and longer wheel studs are one thing; adapters quite another.

If you’ve ever seen the TV show “Pass Time” there was one episode where a guy using adapters shucked a rear wheel and axle when the light turned green. It happened too fast to detect in real time but in the slow-mo replays it was very obvious what had happened.

The best place to get answers to these types of questions is at web sites devoted to the vehicle in question. There are all kinds of issues that have to be examined before the words “It will fit!” can be said with confidence - and there aren’t any charts to look up. So unless one of the gang here has personal knowledge about a particular vehicle, a google search is in order.