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Tire Fitment Question

I had a 20 10 Lincoln MKS AWD for a few months, and bought a wheel and tire package with 226-65/17 Blizacks mounted to these rims"17X8 5-114 ET45 GRAN GX1" (Granite Brand).

I have an audi A8L that currently uses 255-45/19 all season tires.

I found a tire calculator on Discount tire:


The blizacks on the Granite rims were used only for 300 miles, and are less than 3 years old.

Is what I am seeing on the results, correct? Can I bolt these rims and tires on and the speed really be this close?


Yes, the Audi tires are 28" in diameter and the Lincoln tires are 28.5" in diameter. But the Audi uses a 19" wheel for a reason, brake clearance. The 17" wheels may not give the brakes enough clearance and may not fit.

Tire Rack lists only 19" and 20" winter tire/wheel packages for the A8L (I used 2014), so I bet the 17" won’t fit just because of size. They are also probably not the right hole configuration, nor the right offset. I’d just sell them.

The tire size calculator is one thing, you need to address the rim fitment as well.

linc has 5x114 and 63.5 mm hub bore and 1/2" studs
Audi is 5x112 and 57 mm bore. And 14mm studs
Ain’t going to fit

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thanks all, for the advice. I’ll sell the rims and tires

Sometimes the magic works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I got lucky. My 1990 Mazda RX-7 GTUs which I bought used in 2001 had Toyo performance 225/50/16 tires mounted on American Racing wheels. I bought a new 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with Bridgestone 195/65/15 all season tires that worked OK in snow and ice but were terrible in my favorite “twisties”. They literally rolled over on the sidewalls and played dead. I was only driving the Mazda occasionally and found a wheel and tire calculator online. I was amazed the wheels and tires from the Mazda were 100% interchangeable to the Mitsubishi. I ended up swapping them for a couple of Summers as the Eclipse became an excellent handling car!

All - thanks for the advice so far. What can you tell me about wheel adapters to use on a vehicle during winter months only?

I hate to lose the value of the original rim and blizzack package, and thought about using the wheels on a company car, 2008 Volvo V70 My understanding is the volvo uses a 5x108 bolt pattern, can use 17 " rims / tires, and ran into this Wheel Adapter

The spare wheels are “17X8 5-114 ET45 GRAN GX1” (Granite Brand)" for a Lincoln which you all told me had a 5x114 bolt pattern.

Will these wheel adapters work, and anyone recommend a wheel adapter vendor from personal experience ?

Tire size calculator says the crews will be speeding , by going ~ 9 MPH over speedometer reading, which I can train them to remember.
Many thanks,


Here we go. Wheel adaptors and speedometer readings not correct on a company car (8 years old ?) . Listen carefully and you will hear the sound of lawyers rushing your way is case of accident.

They sell adapters so some folks obviously use them. But, it will push your wheels 1" further out which may cause tire rubbing on fender lip when u turn wheel. Or maybe not? 4 adapters are $150? Tire swapping always is more $$ than u plan. Dismount and mount tires costs $50-75. Remove ur tires and sell rims and put tires on current rims and get another set of rims? It never ends.

Forget it. Sell these and get what you need.

Internet consensus is that adapters don’t work very well - that people would be further ahead selling the wheels and tires and using the proceeds to get something that properly fits.

If CapriRacer thinks that the wheels meant for the vehicle is best that is good enough for me.

Its going to increase your offset by another 40mm, that could cause excess wear and premature failure of your wheel bearings. Once again, it think the biggest obstacle will be the brakes, the wheels are going to rub against the calipers.