Mustang wheels

must you use mustang wheels on a 04 mustang car

Of course not. There are countless aftermarket choices made that’ll fit the 04 Mustang.

Why do you ask?

Looking for a way to have a set of tires for summer driving and another set winter,I bought a set of tires and had them put on my car for the winter,now I want to have the oringal tires put on a set of wheels,so I can use the for the summer.I don’t want to switch the tires off the rims each season.but don’t want to pay alot for a extra set of wheels.

can I just use any 16 inch ford rim

What you’re doing, geting a seperate set of wheels for your snows, is smart. In addiition to mounting and unmounting of tire being a pain in the ***, it also beats up the beads unnecessarily.

You cannot use just any Ford 16" rim. The bolt pattern and offset have to be correct for the car. And the rim width has to be proper for your car’s tire size. Let me suggest that you internet shop for a second set of wheels. perhaps even steel wheels, for your 'Stang. You should be able to find steel wheels pretty reasonably priced.

Sincere best.