Interchangeable rims?

Can anyone tell me if 3/4 ton dodge stock(97) rims will fit on a (73) ford 3/4 ton?Heck of a buy if they will.Thanks

Unlikely. Even if the bolt pattern is the same the offset is probably different. Any tire shop should be able to tell you. They all sell wheels.

One of the big things many years ago was to interchange wheels between Dodge and Ford since they used the same 5-lug pattern. I’m pretty certain they will swap out, but not certain about a late model like a 97.
I remember using a pair of larger Ford wheels on the rear of my Plymouth Roadrunner to go racing with many years ago.
You might weed through this reference chart; it should be in there.

The bolt pattern is the same but the center hole on the older fords was larger the old saying was always ford fits dodge dodge wont fit ford

Tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

You guys need to look this stuff up before you post!!!

A 1973 Ford F250 came with a either a 16.5 X 6 or a 16.5 X 6.75 rim. (That was a surprise to me as well!!) These had 1 165.1 mm bolt circle.

A 1997 Dodge 2500 came with 16 X6.5 rims with a 165.1 mm bolt circle.

So the answer is “While the bolt circles are the same - and the rim will probably fit - the Ford rim is going to force you to buy 16.5” tires, which are rapidly disappearing. Which is probably why the rims are so cheap - the guy selling them converted his truck to get out of this situation.

Do not buy those rims.