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Mounting wheels from different car

I recently bought a pair of brand new wheels that came off of a Ford GT car. I am thinking of mounting these wheels on my Ford Windstar Van. The hole patterns match but I am not sure the hole size is the same. Is it safe to mount them?

There are a lot of variables to consider besides the bolt pattern. There is the hub size, which is that big hole in the center. If it is too large, you can get adapters, but if it is too small, you are out of luck.

Then there is the wheel width which determines the size tires that you can use. If the rim width can support the correct size tires for the van, then you are OK again.

There is also the offset. that is the plane of the bolt holes to the plane of the edge of the rim. Chances are, this is where there could be a problem. Front wheel drive vehicles usually have a very different offset than rear wheel drive vehicles. High performance vehicles also often use a different offset from their normal cousins.

You have just a pair and not all 4 ? Don’t do it !


Thanks a lot.

What I failed to mention… The wheels are currently mounted on the rear axle. So, for all “practical” purposes they fit (but I have not driven the van, yet). The concern I have is that the stud holes on the wheels seemed a little larger than the studs, and I am wandering if that would cause the wheels to wobble. Or would the chamfer/taper on the lug nuts ensure the wheels sit concentric with the shaft/hub.

Thanks again.

By ‘Ford GT’, do you mean a Mustang GT?

Sorry, Ford T-Bird.

OK, just wanted to check they weren’t from THE Ford GT:

Did Ford actually sell any of those?

Wheels used to be simple…Not anymore…There is no standardization. Just because they fit does not mean they will work…The different size studs and lug nuts might not secure the wheel properly. Have a pro look at it…

Any GT’s? Sure. I’ve seen 6 in the wild so far (but then I hang out at race tracks a lot, which accounts for 4 of them).

Shadowfax, I started a GT thread, please post your picture in it! I’ve never seen one in the wild…

I think I might have one. I’ll look and post there.