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1983 Mustang Tires

I have 1983 Ford Mustang 5.0 convertible with 220/55 R 390 Michelin TRX tires on original 4 lug wheels. I am told by every local tire and car guy these tires are no longer made and only very old or used same kind would fit the wheels. Apart from that, can I find a newer, similar wheel and tire that will work and if so where?



St. Peters, MO

First, you can find TRX tires at Coker Tire. They are expensive, but they are available.

Of course you can find rims and tires that will work. Talk to Tire Rack or Discount tire.

But you could also do some scouting at junkyards… er … Auto Recycling Centers. There were convention rims available during those years.

Try Coker Tire. Their website lists Michelin TRX tires.

I’m jealous. My 1983 Mustang GT 5.0 had 205/70R14 tires on the non-TRX rims. I think in 85 or 86 the GT and 5.0 LX went to 15" 4 lug rims with 225/60R15 tires. The lug pattern is 4-108. 15" Mustang wheels might fit, but the backspacing would have to be checked. Try for wheels and tires. They do list some wheels for an 83 GT. They have Ford SVT 15" 5 spoke rims for an 85 Mustang, but the backspacing is different.

Good luck,

Ed B.

thanks, i will try all.

What’s a “convention rim”,explaination is appreciated.

Just make sure you hold onto the old rims - they are worth something.

“Conventional Rim” means 14", 15", etc. as opposed to 390mm.

Conventional tires would fit on conventional rims. TRX tire will only fit on TRX rims, and TRX rims will not accept conventional tires.

Bob: Happened to come across your 2008 question about your Mustang TRX tires and Wheels. Michelin and Ford did not do us Mustang owners a favor with these tires and wheels.
I recently bought an 83 Mustang GLX 5.0 convertible in puff state except the tires are 10 years old and Coker is the only place to buy them for $452 each! There is no similar wheel to the TRX as far as the look goes, so I’m going to nurse mine as long as I can as I want to keep the car as close to original as possible. It is the red GLX Convertible with white top and interior featured on page two and seven of the 1983 Mustang Brochure. I happened to find it about 20 miles from where I live and have not found one like it anywhere on the internet or car dealers. How have you made out with your car, if you still have it? Like to hear from you. Ben