Why do i have to pull out ign relay to start car?

my 1997 park ave will only start when i pull out ignition relay for a few seconds and put it back in as if it is resetting something,this only recently started to happen ran fine before.I replaced coil bank,modulator.any help would be appreciated thank you matthew 603 305 5410

I would suspect that the contacts of the relay socket are bad. When you remove and replace the relay, it restores the connection. Just a guess…

Oh, and I wouldn’t post my phone number on a public forum.

I agree. Sounds like a poor connection between the relay and it’s socket.

Try taking a pair of pliers and give the spades on the relay just a slight twist. This will cause the relay to seat tighter in it’s socket providing a better connection.


I traded this relay out with one of the same ,the horn relay,same result.One person suggested it could tie into security system.this was not a creep up problem ,it was immediate.