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Sorry,back again

'94 Buick Park Ave Ultra 3.8 S/C, I have been posting over the past 2 years. Would not turn over or run after I messed with oil pressure sender (shorted the wires to unstick suspected relay problem). Recently, got it to turn over then run after I disconnected the ECM and re connected it. Started it up a dozen times then drove it 10 miles without problem. Now it won’t turn over or start again. But if I jumper it at the starter, it will turn over and then run. Can it only be a bad Park/neutral switch and how do you get to it on this model, if so. Couldn’t find it easily the last time I searched. Could the ECM still be at fault? What else could be at fault? I guess I celebrated before the “fat lady” sang.

When you say it “won’t turn over”, do you mean it will crank and not start, or will not crank?

If it will not crank, try starting it in neutral and/or wiggling the shifter while trying to crank the engine.

Do you have a CEL (Check Engine Light) on?

One thing you can try is connect a test light between the small terminal on the starter solenoid and ground. If it lights when you turn the key to the start position the neutral safety switch is OK. If this is the case I would try a new starter/solenoid.

oblivion: it will not crank. I have tried to crank it in both neutral and park. I can’t say that I actually wiggled the shifter or not. The CEL is not on when the key is in the “ON” position. I have tried the test light to the small terminal to ground with the key ON as well as the start or crank position but no light.

If I remember correctly the neutral safety switch should be on the steering column behind the lower portion of the dash.

How did you rule out the ignition switch?

With the key turned to the ON position, I jumper ed the starter (small post to large with a screw driver) and the starter cranked and the engine got ignition and ran. I then did the same with the key not in ON, the starter would crank but we got no ignition (engine would not run). I assumed that the ignition switch had to be operational for this to occur. ?Right or wrong assumption. Thanks