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97 Park avenue supercharged ultra 3800

Hello I have a 1997 Buick Park ave. Supercharged with a 3800 engine. it has about 192,000 miles on it. It has been stopping on me in the middle of driving no matter haow fast or slow I am going. When it stops on me it wont start back up. It usually takes about 20-30 mins. to an hour to start again. I have had it diagnosed by a buick dealer and they told me it was my fuel pump so I got a new fuel pump/w sending unit and all fixed and it is still doing the same thing. Another place tested it as well and told me that it was a mass air flow sensor, I had that replaced and it still isn’t working. My supercharger belt isn’t working and I need to buy a new pully and belt for that, but I am still having trouble with the car please let me know whats causing it to stop on me.

How often does it act up? These guys are just guessing at the problem. The MAF sensor would not keep the car from starting. It will run rough when running, tho. The engine management computer (ECM) would have detected a bad MAF or other sensor, and kicked in a DTC. If the Check Engine light (CEL) is not on, the problem is not in any engine sensor.

When the car acts up, do the dash lights come on for a few seconds when you try to start the car, especially the CEL? They should all come on when you first try to start it, as part of thier self-check routine. If the CEL does not come on, it is an indication of no power to the ECM. It could also be a problem with power to the coil packs, or power to the fuel injetors.

One of two things may be causing this problem. Either a faulty crankshaft position sensor or a faulty ignition module.

To determine if this might be the problem, carry an extra sparkplug in the vehicle. The next time the engine stalls, remove a plug wire from one of the sparkplugs and insert this extra sparkplug into the end of the plug wire and lay this on the engine somewhere. Now have someone try to start the engine while watching the end of the sparkplug. The spark should be bright and blue. If it’s a yellow color or nonexistant, check for a faulty crankshaft position sensor or a faulty ignition module.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! Well it usually acts up once or twice a day! The check engine light is on and when I took it to a GM dealer they told me that it was the fuel pump…(i know it isn’t) but when it does stop the wheel locks up and i have no control over the car at all. thank you for taking the time to help! I have a fifteen month old and my wife with me, but lately I haven’t been driving them anywhere in this car. Also could there possibly be a recall on anything on my car???

Are you saying the engine stops and the steering wheel LOCKS UP(!)? Are you sure the steering wheel LOCKS UP, or, that the steering gets very heavy? The steering gets very heavy when the engine stops and power is lost to the steering. You, normally, still have steering, but it takes a lot of effort to turn the steering wheel.
Lose of fuel, or lose of spark? Yes, you can check for spark during cranking. Also, see if the problem is fuel. When the engine stops, spray a two-second shot of Starting Fluid into the black plastic intake tube. You could disconnect a little side hose that’s usually attached to the big hose. If the spray can will accept a straw, work the straw into the big tube after loosening a clamp. If the engine starts and runs a few seconds, the problem is with fuel to the fuel injector, or the fuel injectors.

so your telling us the SUPER CHARGER BELT IS NOT HOOKED UP?

last belt I saw was a serp belt on that model,and that would tell me none of the accessories are working.

is that correct?

BANDIT on the flip flop.

Right the serp belt is working fine but the supercharger belt doesnt work. the pulley is broken and I have to buy a whole new one and also a belt.

How can any of us help you when you don’t answer any of our questions (the belt doesn’t count)? Can you send a message to us via ESP?

Are you saying that you?re trying to run this car without the supercharger belt and tensioner in operation? I have the same setup on my Bonneville and I can?t imagine the car even running without the supercharger properly connected. The car?s computer would not be able to compensate.

Let me suggest that you replace the supercharger belt and tensioner (maybe $100) and see how the car runs. The cost of throwing in a new mass flow sensor and fuel pump is way more than a new belt and tensioner. Check to see if there?s still oil in the supercharger. If you hear a rattling sound from the supercharger snout after you put on a new belt, you got some serious money outlays coming your way. And the supercharged motor requires premium fuel.

I wish you a lot of luck, but that may not be enough.