Which fuse to hook up OBD2 reader?

what blows the fuse that you hook obd2 reader to thank you

Huh? You’re supposed to be plugging it in.
The short answer is “current”. The long answer is that you have a short-to-ground somewhere in the circuit.

More information, like the year of the car, the engine, the mileage, other symptoms, and… perhaps most important of all… what problem(s) you’re trying to diagnose, might yield a whole host of clues that could help us help you.

Can you clarify? you don’t get points for short questions, please take the time to provide the needed details. In good English please.

You don’t hook the reader to a fuse, you plug it into a matching connector under the dash.

Do you mean a fuse blows when you plug in the reader? which fuse?

Fuse #23 supplies power to the OBDII connector and the cigar lighter, if that fuse continues to blow look for a short in the lighter socket.

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