Hi guys I have a 2004 chevy silverado 1500 ext cab with a 5.3 L 4X4 , I tried to plug in a code reader and I’m not getting any readings . The reader is working , My question is can this be fixed by me or do I have to take my truck into the dealer ? And how much do you think it will cost at a shop? Thanks.

how do you know you’re not getting readings? What code reader are you using?

What kind of problems are you experiencing? Is your check engine light on? How does the vehicle run? What are you hoping to accomplish with this code reader, and what kind of code reader do you have? Some types of codes can only be retrieved by top of the line equipment, like the $6000 scanners you will find many professional techs using.

@ shadowfax not sure what code reader but it was plugged into another truck and it worked. And then plugged back into my truck and still did not work .

@ mark9207 yes my check engine light is on and the truck seems fine but when I have to go for emissions test I want to pass it.

Since that isn’t working, many auto parts suppiers will read the codes for free.

You may need to clean the contacts of the OBD-II connector. If the connector cable from the code reader doesn’t make good contact, it can’t pull the code.

Also, the ODB-II connector is powered. Check the owner’s manual for the fuse for the circuit. I found out at an emissions check that the ODB-II port is powered, and my fuse was blown. This fuse also powered the cigarette lighter. They needed to replace the fuse to get a reading.

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