Obd2 won't read on 2006 Ford five hundred and fuse is good

My obd2 plug won’t read and the fuse is good. I’ve taken it to two places and no one kind figure out what’s wrong. I can’t get my car inspection and now the service light is on. I need help.

You’re not using our own OBD II reader, right? From what I understand you’ve taken your car to two different repair shops and neither of them are able to get their readers to connect to your car’s OBD II system? hmmm … well, often that’s a fuse problem, but you say you’ve checked the fuse.

Are you certain you are checking the correct fuse? Often it is a fuse the powers other stuff that is easy to check, like the cigarette lighter. Does the cigarette lighter work?

If all the fuses check ok, you might need to take your car to a Ford dealership for help.

Has anybody bothered to verify that there is power at the datalink connector

Just because the fuse is supposedly good, does NOT mean there’s power at the datalink connector

It means the fuse is good, and nothing more

I hope the shops are checking the correct fuse . . . #9 yellow 20 amp in the interior fuse box

it could also be the ground at the data link connector. A proper wiring schematic will tell you what pin is power and which is ground.


Or a broken connector or a data wire disconnected or cut.

Like others have stated you need to verify that power and ground are getting to the pins of the OBD2 connector. I think power is on pin 16 and ground is on pin 4.

First, see if the Check Engine light turns on when turning the ignition switch to run.

If it doesn’t, either the lamp is burned out or PCM has failed its self test mode.

There’s more than one fuse for the PCM.

Fuse #2, 7.5 amp is located in the smart junction box under the hood. Fuse #11, 30 amp is located in the battery junction box under the hood. Fuse #18, 10 amp is located in the smart junction box.

If the fuses check out fine, then the problem might be with PCM power supply diode or the PCM power supply relay both located in the battery junction box.