2004 Focus

I have a 2004 Focus. When it runs, it runs great, and I know it’s got something to do with the check engine light that’s on and that’s my problem. When I hook up my brand new OBD scanner, it powers up but it says no link to the vehicle. Any reason why this is?

On many Fords the cigarette lighter & the scanner port are both powered from the same fuse. Is your cigarette lighter working??

Yes, it is also has a data link fuse which is also good.

The first thing to do is hook the code reader up to a different vehicle and make sure that the problem isn’t with the reader.

The next thing to do is give the DLC a good cleaning with some electronics cleaner. Don’t be afraid to jiggle the plug around either - I have one that’s a little squirrely & sometimes takes a little jiggle.

If you decide to come back and ask about your car, I have to assume that you’ll actually describe the car and its issues. “it’s” doesn’t make for a very good description.

ive hooked it up to several cars and it workson them like i said its a new innova unit just doesnt work on this car the 2004 focus the car dies once in a while and im sure its because of the check engine even autozone cat get a reading on it but it powers up ive jiggled and done everything i can its frustrating

So…your reader works on other vehicles, but not yours. AutoZone’s reader can read (most likely) multitudes of cars, but not yours. Together, this doesn’t tell you there’s something amiss with your car, and not the readers?

Time to get it looked at, and at least get the OBD port fixed. Then your reader might work. Then we may have a direction to go.

yes i guess your right i was trying to avoid it but if i cant get answers here its time to bite the bulit lol thanks guys

You have the key turned on to the Acc position, right?