Where to put a magnet key holder in 2017 Toyota Corolla?

My wife’s car.
She wants to put the ‘magnet key holder’ but the entire bottom/wheel undercarriage is covered with plastic.
Where should we put it?!

can you attach it to the side of the oil pan, or part of the frame?

The unibody on these cars is still steel, as are the fenders. Under & behind the rocker panel stuck to the unibody is one possibility. There may also be some exposed metal inside the rear wheelwells. The front fenders have plastic liners inside the wheelwell that will prevent using the insides of the front fenders.

Note that I do not recommend these keyholders. The limited spots available to stick it will not only be susceptible to loss while driving, especially if you live in an area with potholes, but their limited abundance means the bad guys will have an easy time finding the hidden key.

I keep a spare key in my change pocket. Perhaps she could keep one in her purse?

I don’t like those magnetic key holders either . Check with your insurance to see if you have unlock coverage . The other thing is you might have roadside assistance for you vehicle through Toyota for a period of time.

Anyplace on the car she can reach in the rain while wearing a dress.

I think she would be happier with a credit card key holder.


I always put mine somewhere behind the front license plate so at least I have a chance to get at it without too much trouble. I just pop riveted mine since its all plastic. Now a word of caution, some years ago I locked my keys in the car at the cabin. Went to get my spare and the box had rusted off. On another car when I really needed it, either I never put it there or the magnet fell off. Also in the winter time here, the keys can be one block of ice so you have to melt the ice first to get the key. So I’m a fan of the rust proof plastic ones. When I had the Olds with the center flip down licence plate in the back for the fuel, I mounted a key behind the plate that just clipped on. Of course now with the key fobs, you are out of luck so I have the door/trunk key in a case and the second key fob in the trunk. Worst come to worst, I call OnStar and have them open my door so I can get at the second key fob. Can’t do that with the Acura though since it won’t let you lock the doors with a fob inside.

More than you ever wanted to hear.

In most cars with power door locks like your Corolla, if you forget the keys in the ignition and you try to lock the car with the p/d/l button inside the door, the doors won’t lock. If you leave the keys somewhere else in the car then you are stucked. I keep a flat spare key in my wallet just in case.

Nowhere. Thieves know all about those things. Why make it easier for them to steal your car?

I used to keep a spare key in my wallet, I think it is a bad idea. I thought I lost my wallet, and thought here’s my drivers license telling where I live, and here is a key for my car.

I don’t have room in mine with the cards and so on I carry but I do keep a couple band aids in there with the money. Comes in handy. More than once they have helped someone else.

You’re a wise man. I once read a recommendation by a law enforcement agency not to keep a house key in one’s wallet, because a thief would get both one’s address and one’s house key. The same would apply to a car key.

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You can drive yourself crazy imagining all the ways someone can steal your car. I suppose every possible way has happened once, at least, but mostly I figure car stealing is a crime of opportunity. Someone knows how to get past the key lock, or has a tool to do that, they pick a car they know how to steal and they do it.

Around here mostly people bust out a window and steal stuff that’s in the car. Tourists leave everything in cars. Car rental places give pretty much no warnings about it and the signs around are all in English only.

This might sound crazy, but hey, here goes.
In the military we kept spare key(s) on a chain around our neck(s) with our dogtags. Perhaps there’s a nice gold locket w/chain that she’d feel comfortable wearing.

on top of muffler? it will be warm at least.

i have one hidden rather well on my church’s van. With lots of different folks using the vehicle, if someone locks themselves out, then they can call me and I can tell them where the hide-a-key is. So far, I’m the only one to have to use it, :smiley:
I did have a magnetic one fall off of my old truck. I went to use it (I was always locking myself out…) and it was gone. Still had to call for help. SO the one on the church van is magnetic, and I put a screw through it.

on today’s cars, I would think a magnetic one would be hard to hide. Cars are so low to the ground, and anything accessible is going to be plastic, If it were me, I’d find somewhere decently hidden, but still accessible, and rivet a hide-a-key box on.