Spare fob for push button start

So I can get an extra fob and key from the dealer for 352.55 or locksmith for $366. Then what to do. Internet video showed Hide a key hiding the key with a magnetic mount under the car, then wrapping the fob in foil and leaving it somewhere in the car, glove box or under seat etc. Foil wrapped around the fob does stop it from working. Worried about being somewhere and loosing the key and fob. Any ideas from the community? Spare key will unlock the door, but not allow the engine to start.

Woud be less expensive to use a regular key.I don’t think I would pay that amount to have a spare key fob.

In some cars you can disable the fob with a certain combination of buttons, in which case you wouldn’t have to try to shield it in foil.

You might want to read the fine print of your insurance policy. If the car is stolen because you left an accessible key, your claim might be denied.

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Don’t forget, the only time you will ever need it, you’ll be wearing nice clothes and it will be raining or snowing.

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Thought about taking the battery out of the fob and seperating them, not trusting the foil hat, where if it activates anyone can open the door and drive away.

Why would you want to do that? If you are locked out a spare key inside the car wouldn’t do you any good.

Please note there is a key that will open the door, but the fob is necessary to start the car.