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Hiding a key in a 2001 Accord

I have taped a key with high quality duct tape inside a bumper baffle. When I NEEDED it, it had fallen out! At $50. a pop, I don’t want to loose the next one. Any suggestions on the best way to affix a key to the vehicle? I can’t find any good metal spot to use a magnetic key box. All the places I can get to look like one good pot hole bump and goodbye key #2! Thanks.

Try taking a foot long length of 12 or 14 gauge electrical wire (from a scrap section of Romex house wiring). Use that as a giant twist-tie to attach the key to something under the car. You should be able to find a location tucked away up behind one of the bumpers.

Don’t use household wire from an extension cord. Use the stiffer wire, with insulation still intact, from a Romex cable.

Why dont you just keep it in your wallet?

duct tape it behind your rear license plate and grease screws holding plate in place…a coin can be used to remove when you need the key…been doing it for years.

Yeah, I’ve had the same issue. I’ve had the metal magnetic key holder rust off so wasn’t there when I needed it 25 miles from nowhere. What I did the last time was to pop rivet the plastic key case under the license plate. Seems to be holding but you do have to wrap the key in plastic since it will get wet.