Where to find new/used gas tank for 87 Nissan Stanza Wagon?



I need to find a gas tank for a 1987 Nissan Stanza Wagon model. Does anyone know a parts service that can search around and find one? Nissan no longer makes the tanks, so I need to find one from a third party.

Also, it must be for the wagon model. The tank for the sedan model will not fit (apparently).

Any suggestions are appreciated.




This is what junk yards (auto recycling centers) are for. They all have parts locating services, and can usually find something they don’t have. Check your phone book to find one or more in your area.

You might also try UsedAutoParts.com. I’ve gotten several things from them in the past.


I’ve tried all of the local salvage yards. I’m wondering if there is some place I can call that will do a national search. There HAS to be a good tank for an 87 Stanza Wagon (sometimes called a Stanza “Van” I think) somewhere.