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Parts that match

i have a 1997 Nissan pickup 2.4 liter automatic if I need some parts from junk yard. is their parts from another Nissan that would match 1997 Nissan pickup.

Salvage yards have the knowledge for this question.

It’s those junk / recycling yards who ARE the experts at interchanges
depending on which parts you’re needing . . ask them.

In a parts catalog ( o.e. or McParts store ) it takes a lot of logical guessing just to see if maybe the part numbers happen to be the same.

thanks guy’’

If it’s a part carried by, say, Rockauto, look it up on their web site and then click on the part number. A window will pop up listing the model years that part could be used.

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Junkyards have great computer systems now. Their parts are on computer inventory as well as their cars and are tied into the computer inter-change service. So all they have to do is plug in what you are looking for and in a few seconds can tell you if they have it. They deal with what car it came off of so you don’t have to. Sometimes they’ll need to send a guy out in the yard to confirm or take the part off but not like the old days where you’d roam around looking for the right part.

Bing’s right. Boneyards now have comprehensive databases that not only tell them if they or another boneyard have/has the part you need, but also have search functions that cross reference the parts from other models and will tell you what will fit.

I’m sure there are still many old-fashioned junkyards out there, especially in middle America where the population density isn’t great enough to justify a computer system, but it should not be hard at all to find a modern, computerized boneyard in your area.