Finding non-local used parts (94 camry in this case)

I live in Brunswick Maine and have just about exhausted the local junk yards and am going to have to travel OR order from one of those online used parts locator services. Looking for recommendations on which service to use.

BTW what I’m looking for is a rear bumper reinforcement for a '94 Toyota Camry wagon

Hmmm, My ‘local junk yards’ do the locating, procuring, shipping etc.
I just order and pay. ( I’m a Ford dealer partsman and prefer to let them procure for me instead of playing phone tag. )

Will they not do this for you ?

Even Auto Zone has a used/recycled program. Drop shipped to me from Everdrive. Even electronic parts are proven good and guaranteed.

I bet will sell direct to you.


cigroller provided a good link.

Yep, no question but not I just ordered a couple of parts last week from Texas and Oklahoma.

Google “used toyoya parts”

Sorry, not parts. About 6 listed, $50-100.

What does a body shop say? The problem is that most 94 Camrys are still running and wagons are rare. I don’t see a lot of possibilities in the Augusta phone book. I did notice that Brown’s Exit 27 Salvage on the Brunswick Rd. in Gardiner would actually be off exit 49 of Rt. 295. You can get there from there but call first. 582-7002. I have no idea what they have there.

What about having it made by medal shop or auto body shop?

thanks for all the replies guys. It’s interesting that the local salvage yards that I called wouldn’t take the bait and do a search themselves…

One of those small clues ;
If they don’t value your business in that way…do no more business with them.

I live in McAllen when I am in the States. I wipe out enough tires in Mexico that I have wanted to get spare wheels and carry a second spare with me. I have called a number of junk yards, and they are on the phone for split seconds. Since every junk car probably has a spare tire, I have assumed they are too lazy to check, or Sienna’s never get wrecked. I cannot see paying over $150 for a new spare wheel.