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Restore 1983 Nissan Sentra?

We have a 1983 Nissan Sentra station wagon which needs a new home. I know that there are groups which restore certain makes of cars (we were once in the Studebaker Drivers Club with a 1951 bullet nose). Does anyone know of a club like this for Nissan/Datsuns? I’d love for someone to buy (for very little $$) this car and restore it. It was a great little car, and I really don’t want to just junk it. Thanks for any suggestions!

Not much demand for an '83 Sentra Wagon. Best chance of locating somebody interested in it would be to put it up on Ebay Motors. You might also look for Nissan/Datsun forums, advertise it there.

List it on craigslist too… If it’s drivable, it’s worth a few bucks…if it’s not drivable, it IS junk…

At that age/make, it’s one repair job from being junk…in that state, I’d feel good about getting anything for it.

The Studebaker is a car you restore, an old Sentra isn’t in the same league. The Sentra you repair and keep on the road until something major makes it a junkyard candidate.

If it is in good shape someone could use it for a work car (painter or handyman) or a kid could get some surf boards in it. Noone is going to restore it to “showroom” condition. A kid handy with tools might get a couple of years use out of it.

If you can’t bear to sell it, then keep it for runs to recycling and loads of dirt for your landscaping projects.

These cars were rust buckets that were fun to drive and at least more reliable than Fiats and British cars of that era.

Agree with others, there is nothing “collectible” about this car.