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Replacing a fuel tank on a '93 Ramcharger

My fuel tank on my '93 Ramccharger has rusted out. My dealer has absolutely not been able to replace it with a new or used one. What sort of shop could make a new fuel tank? The truck is in excellent condition with less than 50,000 easty miles on it?

You should be able to find one somewhere if you do some calling around to junkyards, although often a junkyard fuel tank might not be much better than the one it’s replacing.

Your best bet for getting a new one fabricated would be a 4x4 or offroad shop that does welding and fabrication. They will have sources for getting you a new one that fits, or else they can probably build you one that will work. If you’re in a safety inspections state, a custom fuel tank may cause problems, though.

I don’t believe it. I can’t believe there isn’t a gas tank available for that truck. Keep checking, you should be able to find one.

try this link. car
also try calling 800-362-9451 this is LKQ Star auto parts. I buy parts from these guys several times a week and they have several yards in the USA. They are so large they bought Keystone auto.

Thanks for the informative reply. I printed it out for my dealership mechanic. He said that was a first from a woman.

Thanks for the reply. My dealer had already called LKQ Star. A gas tank was available in South Dakota but according to the source, gas tanks can’t be shipped.

that stinks…ready for a road trip? I(kidding)