Where to buy new hood insulation for S-10?

Does anyone know where I can get a new insulation liner for the underside of my hood besides the stealership? I have a '95 S-10 pickup. I searched the internet and could only find ones for pre-'95 S-10s. Mine is in tatters now and dangling into the engine compartment.

It does not require OEM Try JWitney They should have generic insulation that will work just fine.

You use to be able to buy the material and cut it to fit. Most auto parts stores carried it.

I just looked at JC Whitney. They seem to only have sheets with adhesive backings and they’re very pricey. I’d rather get a sheet like the original that attaches with plastic clips. I found Advance Auto has a spun polyester insulation sheet for $25.00. I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate for the hood but can’t find much else. I still can’t find new clips, I know the old ones will probably break apart when taking them off.