Anyone know where to get an AC compressor?

To start, my truck is not an S-10, it’s an R10, the website did not have the option. Now, to the real reason I’m here: my AC system has almost everything you need, except the compressor. Does anyone know where I can find one in good condition for cheap?

Junk yard?


Worked for me: $35 for my 1999 Civic. “If it doesn’t work, bring it back and we’ll refund.”

Surely there is a model number tag on the compressor. Maybe one could be found that way. My understanding is that the R10 is nothing more than a body change. The mechanicals should be the same.

Ok thank you

So you mean it came with a/c, but the compressor is bad?

The R10 truck was basically a C10 for 1987. So, full size pickup, not similar to S10. Is the OP’s truck an '87?

There were 4 different A/C compressors available for the '87 R10. All 4 are still available new from GM. The correct one for the OP may depend on HVAC options and engine size. The one online GM parts dealer I checked is giving heavy discounts on the compressors, though whether they are considered cheap depends on the OP’s POV. They’re in the $200-$250 range, plus shipping. Pricing could be better in the aftermarket. These are also available as ACDelco-branded compressors.

Compressors should also be available from many of the remanufacturers of such parts. These may or may not be “cheap” relative to new. Rockauto shows reman ACDelco units in the $150 +/- area.

Of course, used would be the cheapest option.

Even if the rest of the HVAC system is present on this truck, it may require new hoses and will require a new accumulator (or receiver/dryer). Maybe a flush of the whole system if things have been left open.

No. I he person who owned it before me swapped the fuel injected engine for a carb 350, and never put on a new compressor. I have everything for the ac besides the compressor and the hoses

OK, then you’ll also need a new receiver/dryer, and you’ll need a leak check once everything is hooked up, never know what’s happened to the evaporator or condenser over the years. Were they sealed off, or left open?


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