Headliner Material for Car


Does anyone know where I can get headliner material for my car? I have tried numerous auto shops and upholstery places as well as car dealers in my area (New Jersey) and can’t find a store that sells it. Anyone know of an on-line shop that is reputable that I can buy from? I’m more interested in buying the material with the foam backing than the kit. Thanks!


That’s an easy one:


Fabric stores! I know three fabric stores in my area that carry it foam-backed headliner material.


J C Whitney supplies all manner of interior and exterior trim for cars going back to the sixties. I don’t have their latest catalogue, but I’m sure you can get online ifo.


besides aftermarket, have you thought of getting a junk yard removed one?
jcwhitney.com http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Search?catalogId=10101&storeId=10101&sku=headliner


Easy one. These guys: http://atrim.com/ I have used them several times for factory matched headliner and also for SEM coatings. They are out of Tulsa, priced right, ship fast, and have everything you need. It would help if you have the color number but they will send a swatch too if you want to make sure you get a match to the original.