Where To Buy Spare Tire Mount For Chevy S-10?


Hi, I have a '95 Chevy S-10 pickup. The spare tire mounts under the bed with a cable winch mount. The spare tire either broke off or was stolen, not sure. But I just have a broken cable dangling there now. I’ve been to the dealer, have to replace the whole unit, not just the cable. They want over $150 for the part. I’ve been looking online at parts/salvage stores and on eBay and can’t find one anywhere. Would like to find an aftermarket or used one. Anyone know where I might find one? Thanks.


You probably wont find it listed online, but any respectable salvage yard will be able to find you one if you specifically ask them for it. Id look in the phone book for local salvage yards and see what they can get for you.

You also might be able to make it work. What comes to mind is getting a cable thimble and a couple of cable clamps, and attach it to the end of the cable. Make sure the tire will tighten up without bottoming out the clamps in the winch. Then center a piece of threaded rod (thats longer than the diameter of the hole in the wheel) through the thimble, and secure it with nuts and washers. All this could be gotten from a decent hardware store for pretty cheap, and itd probably be easier to do than removing the old winch and putting on a new one.


Thanks for the suggestion. There is probably enough cable left to rig something, just want to have it strong enough to hold the tire. I’ll see what I can find at the hardware store.

I have a junkyard nearby but they didn’t have this part last time I went. They always seem high priced to me. I bought the used steel spare tire rim there for $50, they wanted another $50 for a half worn used tire, I declined. I’m a bit amazed, with all the S-10s on the road, that this part isn’t available in the aftermarket.