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Where and how do you listen to CarTalk

Hello! Just wondering where and how everyone listens to CarTalk.

For example: I listen to CarTalk at work via the NPR website. I also occasionally use the NPR One app. Though it’s starting to take a while to scroll though the list to get to the episode I’m on. I’ve been listening “backwards” through the episodes.

I would like to know what other people do and if anyone has a better app, program.

Spreaker is what I usually use (if I don’t catch them on the radio on Saturday. I’ve been fortunate that my local NPR station hasn’t cut them out). The only downside to Spreaker is that they only have the last 2 available. I subscribe to Car Talk on iTunes too, so when I’m doing dishes I can listen to Car Talk through my computer

My local station stopped broadcasting about 2 years ago. I listen via podcast. Right now I’m using Podbean. I get a drop notification and download it at home so I can listen to it wherever without using up mobile data.

That’s what I found with iTunes, it is unfortunate they they only keep 2 of the most recent.

Cool! I have not heard of Spreaker or PodBean, I will check them out!

I used to listen to them on NPR on Saturday morning right after the money show, but they no longer have either on the Minneapolis station. Just political junk, food shows, and As It Happens or whatever it is called. I don’t understand the British accents and could care less about their opinions and cooking so I just don’t listen anymore. When traveling, I do get them once in a while on Sirius but I never know what their schedule is. I can’t listen to the radio on the computer though. Just too antsy to sit there and listen. So everything for me is from memory.

Haven’t tried a app other than i-tunes but it works for grabbing the last 2 shows, along with other automotive podcasts.

We still get the show on KUOW on saturday mornings.

I subscribe to Car Talk on Itunes and download the shows on my Ipod, then listen to them when I’m doing my workouts at a gym. After a while they all sound the same, but they still make me laugh out loud once in a while.


It’s not on the radio here. I have no technology or any way to receive it. Besides, I think I’ve heard every one of them (at least once).

Sometimes I listen at 10 am Saturday when the show is broadcast on the local NPR station, but usually I download the podcast each week to my portable Poloroid podcast player, and listen as I take my evening neighborhood stroll. I do nothing complicated, nothing automated, no app involved, just download the file I want from the NPR/Cartalk podcast page.

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you can get them on

Just bought an Iphone 6s. Been using Samsung devices forever and I will start listening to you guys on iTunes tonite.

Good for you getting a new phone but “you guys” haven’t been around for years.

The show is so out of date, all they talk about is very old cars.

Next weekend will be the last one my local NPR affiliated radio station carries the Car Talk show

I’m thinking it will be the end of this website in the not too distant future

@cdaquila Anything to add?

Anything you’re allowed to tell us?

Usually from the NPR News app on my phone the following Monday.

Hi @db4690, reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. The überlackeys at Car Talk Plaza are continually brainstorming how to move and this here Community into the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

No offense, but I have my doubts

When Cartalk is no longer carried by radio stations, I believe public awareness of the cartalk brand will wane

I’m hopeful, but I’m not blind, either

I’m not offended. I wouldn’t try to snow you, either. It is a major change for the Best of Car Talk episodes to come off the air. The goal is for the Car Talk “brand” to live on through the partnerships that we’ve sought out, and through the efforts to provide accessible, accurate, and fair car information and guidance (with a touch of good humor) to anyone who is looking for it. Many of you came here first as listeners. There are a lot of people who come here just having googled around looking for car help who don’t know Car Talk is/was a show. So, as you see changes here, keep in mind those tweaks are aimed toward this site’s ongoing life and evolution.

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I think the percentage of those who meet that description is quite high. I also think the posting volume is less than it used to be.

I dunno db, I think a lot of the stations haven’t carried the boys for quite some time. Plus if you compare the type of clientele that used to call in to the clientele that pops up here, I think they are quite different. Of course who knows about the ones that just listened and never called in but still very few posters here start out with the color of their car.