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September 2017 is Final Month For Car Talk NPR Broadcasts

Can’t help but to be curious about a few things …

  • I wonder what new show NPR will replace Car Talk with? Or do the stations decide that for themselves?

  • I wonder, will any NPR stations continue to broadcast the show with content sourced from the new podcasts posted here by the Car Talk staff each week?

  • I wonder what drives first time visits to this website, comments made on the radio show, or Google searches for a particular car program problem?

Station can still air shows from the archives if they wish, many station’s have put a different type of show on Sat mornings

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In my opinion, many first timers seeking car repair advice use a google search . . . or something similar . . . and end up here


NPR station where I listen them at is WBUR (the station where Cartalk Originated and did all their recordings) hasn’t skipped a beat. They still play Cartalk (Best Of Cartalk).

I never had the time to listen to them regularly so over the past 20+ years I’ve missed a lot of episodes. I’d say far more then half the time it’s a new episode to me…or one that I just complete forgot. Either way it’s new to me and I enjoy listening to it. I could go on for decades listening to it this way…provided I live that long.

I’d guess you are right DB. For example if someone googles “corolla high hc emissions”, they see a link to this website near the top of the list.

The radio show continues to be broadcast on the San Francisco NPR station, but I think the SF NPR station KQED announced that will end this month. I agree, even though the episodes have been re-runs for several years now, I rarely recall hearing any of the segments before. I’m not overly concerned about the over the air broadcasts ending as long as the podcastings continue. That’s how I usually listen anyway, as Saturday mornings I’m doing errands & not able to listen to the show usually. The SF station used to run it on Sundays too, which is when I usually listened on the radio. But they ended the Sunday broadcast last year.

Will the show still be available as an NPR podcast? That’s how I listen to it now.

Edit: They say it will continue as a podcast, but not from NPR.

Speculation: they may drop the “best of” format and just rerun entire episodes.

I think the plan going forward @hybrid314 is to make re-runs available as podcasts that you download from this site. I’d guess you are correct, NPR not involved with the podcasts starting in October. The currently aired shows are still produced w/new content. YOu might wonder where the new content is coming from. From what I can tell Tom and Ray would usually talk to callers/or more callers for more than needed for the 1 hour show, then select the best call content to air, so there is still a lot of Car Talk content we haven’t heard yet. Some of that has been inserted in shows aired the last few years. So maybe that’s the plan, to continue providing some old content with new content in the podcasts. If not I hope they’ll provide word for word podcast re-runs of some of the really old shows, like from 20-30 years ago. That would be interesting.

I wonder if there’s going to be a final show special for the last Car Talk show ever broadcast at the end of this month, Saturday the 30th?


‘Karzai Talk’ is still on the air

Thanks for pointing that show out. I’ve never heard of it until now. From what I can tell it’s an hour radio show, a comedic take on politics and culture, which occasionally has a segment which satires Car Talk, presumably all in good fun. I’ll give it a listen on my podcast player next time I load it up.

[quote=“GeorgeSanJose, post:5, topic:107471”]

I’d say far more then half the time it’s a new episode to me…or one that I just complete forgot. Either way it’s new to me and I enjoy listening to it.
[/quote]That’s how I feel. I’m not so much interested in the car advice as I am listening to the brothers act up.

Just this morning I heard one of the people doing a fundraiser on WFAE that they’re not going to try to run old episodes but they’ll come up with something new. And I’m not happy about it.

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I noticed the penultimate broadcast I heard today (9.23.17) wasn’t a repeat broadcast of a prior show; instead it was a series of the best Car Talk segments over the years, e.g. today’s Vowels to Bosnia .

WTF will I do now? Lost Jay Thomas and now Car Talk.

I know. Ray says if you need a puzzler during its vacation, there’s an archival puzzler each week. What we need now is an archival show each week.

You mean like this
about 500 episodes of Car Talk available, just keep scolling down

Harry Shearer voices many characters on ‘The Simpsons’ (Burns, Smithers, Flanders, Otto, more), was a ‘not ready for prime time player’ 1 year in the '80s. He dissed I Fratelli Magliozzi when their show followed his on KCRW. When a guy from Santa Monica called Car Talk T&R asked (ironically) him if he knew their friend Harry Shearer .

The question is will NPR continue to offer these. It was suggested above that they won’t.

The (WXX) initials are not really appreciated on an open family friendly forum.