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Podcast Discontinued, Or Just a Glitch Today?

I was excited to see new episodes appear on my Car Talk podcast feed today, but it looks like they’re actually Fresh Air - is the Car Talk podcast being discontinued, or was this just a glitch?

iPhone 7 with iOS 12 running Overcast podcast player, FWIW.

Has to be a glitch of some sort, I’m using iTunes on a Hp with windows 10 and new podcasts come out on Saturday’s. The latest on April 27th #1917

Same thing happened to me just now. I listen with pocket cast app and thought it was the app that screwed up, so it must be an NPR problem. I didn’t listen long enough to determine that is was Fresh Air, only that it sure as heck wasn’t car talk.

NPR site has correct episode

Car Talk site has correct episode

iTunes downloaded correct episode using using NPR podcast feed

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Yeah, the stock Podcasts app on my iPhone seems to be correct too. Must just be the feed that the other apps pull from.

Looks like it’s resolved in Overcast now. Thanks everyone!

Glad to hear.

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Every time I listen to the show it starts with the apology for what happened which keeps getting repeated every week, along with directions on what to do.

They screwed up this week too. There’s no CT podcast for this week and the web site version is for a different show than the description.

I don’t understand. If the Saturday May 18 podcast isn’t posted yet, how could it be different from the description?

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The web site player is not the podcast. Sometimes if the podcast is late, I’ll play the web site version, but this week it was the wrong show.

Update: Looks like they updated it to the correct show even though the podcast is still not available.

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I assume the NPR podcast directory ( is synchronized with the podcast feed, since it isn’t updated there either. I’m on vacation this week so I don’t have access to my desktop computer to download it to.

As of right now (2:45pm EDT), the NPR podcast directory now has this week’s show.

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You must be using this website’s archives section. I’ve always used the NPR podcast website for the Car Talk podcast source. I don’t subscribe to anything, don’t even know what it means to “subscribe” to a podcast. I just pick and choose what I want from time to time and download those files to my mp3 player. As posted above, the most recent Car Talk show (#1920, Crushed Cans and Loose Lug Nuts) is posted on the NPR website now. No idea if the prose description matches the audio content, haven’t downloaded that one yet, but the prose description matches the title.

Ok, Saturdays podcast isn’t listed yet (1926, 6-27-19).

fyi to the Car Talk website staff, there seems to be a numbering problem with one podcast on the NPR website now, number 1919, May 11, titled The Tao of Fred Glass . I believe the audio content matches the prose description, but the mp3 player displays it as number 1918 for some reason, which made it difficult to figure out the correct listening sequence. To add to the confusion, podcast numbers 1923-1926 seem to be missing their titles.

They still haven’t fixed it on Spreaker yet. No Cartalk to be seen there…

I passed these issues on to Connie to look into. We’ll see what she says.

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Ok, #1926 is up on their podcast page, dated July 1.

I am in Scotland. The podcast is all I can get. The last 5 podcasts have been of a different size, and I suspect a different encoding, as a result my old MP3 player can’t play them.
Are npr/cartalk/whoever phaphing with the cartalk podcast mp3?