Does anyone else miss being able to listen to the last months shows?

I rarely get to listen to the show anymore but about once a month I spend a weekend morning working around the house and like to listen to the last several episodes of Car Talk. It looks like it is down to just the current episode available online. Does anyone else miss having a few shows to listen to? I know I do.

The prior two week’s episodes mp3 podcasts are available for free download from NPR’s CarTalk download site. True, the second one is hard to find, but that is why we are here. Here’s how:

From the CarTalk home page, click on “More show stuff”, then click on “Show Podcast (Free)”, then on “NPR Podcast Directory”, then click on that little orange box labeled “Pod”. You should now be seeing links to the mp3’s of the current and prior week’s podcasts.

See, I told you it wasn’t easy!

You probably already know that you can download Car Talk’s from last month, last year, etc, on Itunes. For a small fee.

To solve your problem, just get in the habit of downloading the podcast weekly, even if you don’t listen to it right away. Once you’ve downloaded them, you keep all of them and listen over and over. I’ve got shows back to May 2010 that I occasionally play again.